Longfellow Terraces is a successful example of medium density housing on an inner city suburban block, which respects and compliments the local context. The critical element informing the conceptual framework for the project was context, both the local context of the greater precinct and immediate context of the adjacent existing Queenslander onsite.
Similar to the previous project, HABITAT ON TERRACE, an existing “Queenslander” was relocated and renovated. In addition a new typology of three terrace house style like townhouses was developed. Being rear lane dwellings, usually the front facade would be dominated by garage doors, however, the Longfellow Terraces conceal all garages and driveway to feature beautifully articulated front yards instead. Living areas appear spacious through borrowing outdoor spaces and vistas. They can be opened to three sides and are well connected to sub tropically vegetated surrounding spaces.

Location Norman Park
Project Type Terrace House Development
Completion 06/18